What We Do


Sampatti Realtors offer expert Property Documentation Services. Property Documentation can seem to be a never-ending process for many people. Our experience in the field, makes this cumbersome process an easy one. Through expert knowledge, we complete the documentation requirements without any hassles. We help you sail through this part of property purchase, sale and rent. Our expertise lies in documentation related to sale deed, Title clearance, leave and licence agreement, lease agreement, etc. We offer complete assistance to the clients while procuring stamp papers and registration process held in courts. Our team simplifies the process of purchasing, selling and renting properties for the clients, reliving them from the tedious formalities involved in the paper work. We have a team of legal experts that takes care of all the details involved while ensuring no errors and repetition. Sampatti Realtors believe in transparent and ethical dealings, while maintaining the trust of the clients.


We have established a unique Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in properties management service for people who are the not the residents of the city or country. Your search for expert support to look after your property ends in us. We understand that it is not possible for you to visit the country on a regular basis. However, we remain in touch with you and take instructions on whether you want to let the property, redecorate it or desire to sell it. We take complete care of valuable things in your property. Trust us for managing your valued property.


Your property requires refurbishment when it is sold. For getting the right rent or sale value, your property requires maintained interiors, repair work and miscellaneous maintenance. We take care of everything.


When you do not want to sell, we take complete care of your property in the city and manage all the affairs related to it, right from guarding to maintenance. We even help you find the right tenants for the property and pay taxes, light bill, renovation etc. Throughout the process, we make sure that the property remains in good hands.


Sampatti Realtors provide dedicate interior designing services. Owners do not need to waste time finding individual specialists for completing the property. With an exclusive team of carpenters, electricians, technicians, painters, polishers, architects and plumbers, we help do and re-do the property as and when required. Our professionals have years of experience in the field. We will help save you money, time and extra efforts as well. Being in the industry, we understand your requirements completely. Our team will listen to your needs and offer designing services that fit the demands. Brief us for your preference for interiors, we will transform it into a contemporary home or a traditional abode or even an eclectic address as you prefer. We are here to consult you right from chalking out a designing plan to helping you transform the place completely.


Sampatti Realtors offer total support to enable you get finance for the property of your choice. With our in-depth experience in the field, we are aware of all the things required to purchase a property. We foresee the problems that might arise and curtail them, lessening the troubles that you might go through. Our expert team completes the property and finance documentation without any hassle. This lessens the duration of acquiring Finance for the property. We have been helping clients to get finance for all kinds of new bookings and resale properties. Also, our team helps create finance and ensures stability of the financial planning for purchasing property. We are always there for our clients.